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The Social Pattern of Obesity

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1. Is the obesity part of a social pattern?

2. Does obesity violate the core value of a society?

3. Does obesity negatively impact those in power?

4. Do those in power consider the social pattern problematic?

5. Is obesity socially created?

6. Can society do something to change it?

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1. Is the obesity part of a social pattern?

I definitely see it as part of a prevalent social problem where we as Westerners and Americans, in particular, tend to equate "bigger" with better from cars to foods. We erroneously assume that quantity is best when in fact, quality should be a social norm and cultural goal, not quantity. We want to "super size our fries and pies" instead of focusing on quality and health as other countries often do.

I also see economic reasons behind obesity since working full time in families warrants that our meals are made faster, which ...

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