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Understanding the causes and solutions to child obesity.

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Why is there so much childhood obesity? What health risks does obesity pose?

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The problem of child obesity has risen over the past few decades, this is a result of many different reasons, and as a result this issue has become a major cause for concern for health practitioners and officials alike. Firstly it is important to establish what 'obesity' actually is.
<br>There is no 'real' definition of what obesity is. It can be measured using height charts, however, these are controversial and may not yield accurate and reliable results. Generally speaking a child will be classed as 'obese' when their total body weight is more than 25% fat in boys and 32% fat in girls.
<br>There are many reasons why child obesity has risen and is continuing to rise today, the main reasons are;
<br>1. Children are spending less time in active play. This means that children are spending less time playing in the street or in the park. The reason for this decrease is the rise of technology. With the introduction of television and computer games and the Internet, children tend to spend more time inside doing these activities, rather than making their own entertainment outside like they used to.
<br>2. Society itself has changed. We now live in ...

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