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Graphs: Function and Creation

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hello I need help with this assignment. I really don't understand how to make it. please help me.
Assignment: Visual Interpretation


For this week's assignment, you will create a visual of the data you collected from the questionnaires you disbursed in Week 5. You need to take the data you collected and transfer it into an appropriate visual for your reader (e.g., bar chart, pie chart, table, graph, etc.). The visual should clarify your data and make it easy for the reader to understand your findings. All parts should be labeled clearly. Include a brief paragraph accompanying your graphic image that discusses the data and explains why you chose the visual design to convey your data.
the questionnaires I collected are:


Question 1: What is the most affected population to obesity?
Question 2: What should we do to reduce childhood Obesity?
Question 3: How many children have sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition?
Question 4: What physical activities do your children participate in?
Question 5: Is it easy to get your children to be physically active?
Question 6: How concerned are you about your children being overweight or obese?
Question 7: What are the causes of obesity in children?
Question 8: What are the effects and consequences of being obese?
Question 9: What are some tips for parents to help children fight obesity?

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When it comes to "making a visual" of data you have collected, there are a few things to keep in mind:

A) What is the data? Make sure data is correctly grouped together; for example: number of children, number of obesity causes, factors that could affect obesity rates, ...

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The first steps to determining and creating appropriate visuals (graphs) for collected data are touched on in brief.

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In this exercise you are going to create a chart showing the expenses in the categories listed below. You first need to calculate the data in a summary section of your spreadsheet. Then, you can use that data in that summary section to create the chart. First, in cells K16:K21, enter the following labels (headers): Summary, Travel, Meals, Entertain, Phone, Other. Cells M17 through M21 will hold the data you will add to get the total expense for each category. For example, if you went on a business trip, you would need to enter the amount you spent on travel in one cell, the amount you spent on meals in another cell, and so on. Then you would use the add function to get a total of your expenses for the trip. Next, in cells M17 through M21 , create formulas to calculate the total expenses for each category:
o For Travel, include expenses for Ground and Air transportation, Lodging, and Mileage$.
o For Meals, include expenses for Brkfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

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