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How to Tell if its Sexual Harassment

Here are several events that happen in the workplace. Do you believe they fall under the definition of sexual harassment?

1. Jane willingly dated a co-worker for the last 3 years. Now, she has met someone else and does not want to continue the relationship with the co-worker. The co-worker does not want to end the relationship and is posting negative things about her on Facebook.

2. Linda offers sexual favors to her professor in order to get a passing grade. The professor agrees, and Linda receives a passing grade.

3. Mary, a supervisor, asks her male employee, Stan, to join her for dinner so they have will some quiet time away from the office to go over his performance evaluation.

4. Bob, a supervisor, makes comments about on a regular basis to his secretary, Susan, about how she is dressed for the day.

5. A customer in a restaurant grabs a waitress' rear. She complains about the customer to the manager, who says, "Ignore it, you'll probably get bigger tip."

6. Don posts pictures of scantily clothed women on his office walls.

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1. This situation would not fit the definition of sexual-harassment, due to the fact that the harassment that is taking place is not necessarily of a sexual nature, but is the general harassment of a jilted lover towards an individual that he wants to continue to carry on a relationship with. In addition, there are no benefits promised by this individual for sexual favors from Jane.

2. This situation would fit the definition of sexual-harassment due to the fact that Linda has seeks to coerce her professor into providing her with a passing grade, in return for sexual ...