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    Human Resources, the Law and Job Analysis for a sexual harassment complaint

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    1. Outline the steps that would be taken if a manager or member of the human resources department recieves a sexual harassment complaint from an employee.

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    Note that it is extremely important that all employees know about the company's stance on sexual harassment and what actions will be taken in the unfortunate case that a complain about sexual harassment is filed.

    1. Assign a specific person to this particular complaint.

    2. Plan an investigation based on current knowledge.

    3. Talk with the employee who is complaining. Make sure you let the employee know that they are doing the right thing reporting this type of behavior and those they are protected from retaliation. Basically make the employee feel safe.

    4. Tell the employee that you need to know ...

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    In a 392 word solution, the response provides a list of 13 topics that should be considered in dealing with a sexual harassment complaint.