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Exploring Juvenile versus Adult Justice

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Compare and contrast the purposes and outcomes of a juvenile trial vs. an adult criminal trial. Explain the ways in which justice is sought in both, and provide your personal opinion of whether or not the juvenile trial and disposition system are the best way to handle juvenile offenders from both a social and criminal justice perspective.

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On Juvenile Justice

Juvenile justice constitutes legal and criminal concerns with regards to children and the youth - members of society who are not yet of legal age (in the US, this pertains to all under 18s). Since juveniles cannot be persecuted fully as adults are, they are tried in juvenile court. The notion is that due to their age, all under-18's are still in that developmental stage and illegal behavior wherein the youth participate in actions that are offensive and criminal must not be persecuted according to the crime only - the view that the juveniles must be 'saved' and rehabilitated from such views and behaviors stands. So, instead of being persecuted for the crimes they committed by a jury of their peers, they are subjected to the judgement of a juvenile court overseen by a judge and all measures are taken on for the purpose of rehabilitating the minor offender. Illegal behavior of minors are collectively known as juvenile delinquency and in American courts, the prescribed measure is rehabilitation in juvenile detention centers under programs that are to treat and ...

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The solution provides informatipn, assistance and advise on the topic of juvenile justice to help the student complete the task (see above) which is a comparative discussion of adult and juvenile justice with a focus on purposes and outcomes. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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