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Economic causes and some solutions to gang issues

Can gangs be controlled without changing the economic opportunity structure of society? Are there any truly meaningful alternatives to gangs today for lower-class youths?

Can you think of other rituals in society that reflect an affinity or longing for more tribal times? For example: if one has ever pledged a fraternity or sorority, gone to a wedding or attended a football game.

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These are some interesting questions. The economic structure of society does seemingly keep the poor poor and the rich rich, doesn't it? I think that gangs and organized crime do search for ways to beat that system, i.e. selling drugs for money and using violence for power. I do think that the economic structure has a lot to do with it, and until we find ways to help those in poverty to make their way out and survive, ...

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This solution discusses how economics affect gang joining behavior and how some people are combatting this problem. The text contains 305 words.