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Effective Listening Skills

Please help me with the following: Write an explanation of the appropriate-and-effective versus inappropriate-and-ineffective use of active listening skills (that of encouraging, paraphrasing, and summarizing), including an explanation of how one can ensure that they use these skills appropriately and effectively—so that a client feels respected and heard, rather than being the "object" of active listening. Thank you for your help.

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Hi student,

I will provide you with reference information concerning these concepts; and hopefully that will help you to write your explanation as to what constitutes active listening. Several approaches are presented in the literature to describing the concept. While the words used to describe the concept of Active living was different in all the articles reviewed (6), the following two studies detail are relatively close in meanings to the ones reflected in your post.

*Active Listening Skills

One definition offered for active listening by Huerta-Wong & Schoech (2010), is that it is a framework for principles for effective teaching. However, while their model was focused on teaching techniques, most of the articles discussed techniques that reflected approaches to counseling. In fact, Bryant (2009) points out that active listening is grounded in the (1951) person-centered theory of Carl Rogers and in ...

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