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    Experiencing God through the Five Senses

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    What is meant by "engaging God with all five senses?"
    Describe what this concept looks like.
    Explain what it means to love God completely. Provide biblical passages to support your claims.

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    Some also call it "five senses spirituality" or "witnessing with the five senses." The five physical senses are analogous to the spiritual senses.

    Belief in God means that you have experienced Him in a certain way that confirms, for you, of his love and omnipotence. This is sometimes in ways which cannot be explained in any rational terms and can only be described by using words like "miracle" or "non-human" or "bigger than life."

    Even as believers, sometimes we doubt the presence of God in our lives. We sometimes revert to how Thomas questioned the identity of Jesus until he was able to see Jesus' hands and touch his side after he was on the cross (John 20:25-29). Thomas believed when he was able to "see" and "touch."

    We can see and touch God's creation every day, in every animal, every child, and every adult.

    We use our physical ...

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