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Comparing Jain Nun and Monk Lifestyles with Yours

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Make a detailed list of your activities from the time you rise in the morning through lunch.

What activities would have to be altered or abandoned during this time period from the perspective of a devout Jain nun or monk and why?

My Alarm goes off
I am so tired as I went to bed really late. Stayed up watching TV.
I stretch and try and wake up.
Get out off comfortable bed reluctantly
Go to bathroom
Smell coffee brewing in coffee pot.
Grab a coffee.
Dry and style wet hair
Apply makeup
Make lunch - Turkey sandwich with lettuce, yoghurt and soda.
Clean counter and wash utensils
Check mail box from day before
Drive to work
Park car
When in office turn on computer
Put lunch in shared refrigerator
Sit at desk and answer phones
Have meeting with customers
2nd meeting with office manager and colleagues
Grab coffee
Take 15 min break reading newspapers online
Go onto shop floor and help warehouse ship packages for customers
Go back into office and pull files and do quotations for customers
Get lunch from refrigerator
Sit with colleague and eat lunch and chat (30 mins)

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First, let me provide you with a website resource that will provide you with an overview of the Jain monk/nun lifestyle, their major vows, and their rules of conduct:


Second, let me provide you with some methods of analyzing your morning according to the Jain monk/nun:

-When you wake up in the morning, how do you physically feel? How do you mentally feel?
-What are you thinking about?
-Are your thoughts positive or negative?
-Are your thoughts about your physical being or your spiritual being/health?
-Are you thinking about your day ahead?
-Do you feel anxious or relaxed or somewhere in-between?
-Do you feel regret about staying up late?
-How do you feel about getting out of bed? Although you are reluctant, are you happy to get out of bed to start your day? Or do you wish you could stay in bed?

You will need to further ...

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This solution provides guidelines on how to compare your present daily lifestyle with that of a devout Jain nun or monk.

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