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Comparing Present Life Activities with a Jain Nun or Monk

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You need to pretend to be a devout Jainism nun or monk and need to compare a typical morning for a regular person today versus a typical morning for a Jain nun or monk.

The response is to review the morning activities from the perspective of a devout Jain nun or monk. What activities would have to be altered or abandoned during this time period?

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The nature of the paper has to derive from what your experience would be if you were a Jain nun or monk, thus the answer will incorporate your life experience with a little creativity on your part.

The first part of your assignment request is self-explanatory. I would recommend using one of your more active and engaging mornings as the sample. When you are compiling YOUR list of activities from your sample morning, think about the following:

For example, when you wake up, how do you wake up?
Do you just jump out of bed or do you lay in bed thinking or contemplating about your life or day ahead?
How do you feel ...

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This solution is comprised of a guide to assist the student with examining his/her life as compared to a devout Jain nun or monk.