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How the Gospel Portrays Jesus

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What are three portraits or characteristics of Jesus for each of the Gospel writers as they viewed him? Portraits, for example, refer to him as the "Son of God".

What is Paul's central understanding of Jesus in 1 Corinthians?

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The concept of the three portraits of Jesus come from the reality that we have no visual picture of what Jesus actually looked like. What we do have, however, are three distinct verbal accounts of the godhood of Jesus and all that this entails. It begins with the portrait of Christ as the Church. Through this picture, we can visualize the Christ is always at the center of the church. He is in, around, and amongst everything that the church stands for. He is in the midst of its development, and this was particularly important during the time that the New Testament was written and the church was being established. This portrait reminds us that the church is ...

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This posting helps answer questions bout the Gospel's portrayal of Jesus. It discusses three characteristics of Jesus for each of the Gospel writers as they viewed him. It also discusses Paul's central understanding of Jesus in 1 Corinthians.

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The four gospels' portrait of Jesus is discussed.

Each of the four gospels presents a different (but not necessarily conflicting) portrait of Jesus. For Matthew, Jesus is a new Moses, a great teacher who offers a new path to God. For Mark, Jesus is Godâ??s suffering servant and those who follow him should expect to suffer in the same way he did. For Luke, Jesus is a prophet who comes as the savior of all of humanity, a good shepherd who welcomes everyone, especially the sick and poor, and the powerless and outcast. For John, Jesus is the divine Word of God who was with God from the beginning, who came down from heaven and went as low as a person can go (washing the feet of his disciples, a task that even a slave could not be required to perform), who was then lifted up (on the cross, then from the grave), who returned to heaven and is now in the process of lifting up believers and bringing them to himself. How do you understand Jesus â?" in any of these or in other ways? What is the source of your understanding of Jesus?

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