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Christian Leader/Mentor Interview Questions.

Please help me establish a set of questions for a Christian leader/mentor interview.

Here is a general list. Need specific questions for all, especially #3.

1. Who initiated the mentoring relationship? Mentor or the Mentee?
2. When and where do you meet?
3. How is the time spent? (format, accountability confidentiality, evaluation, closure)
4. Most difficult aspect of the relationship
5. Most significant result of the relationship

Suggestions when ask to give specific questions:

You want to examine how the mentor-mentee relationship is established and why, and then what they do to build the relationship and make it spiritually productive, and then what kind of closure they try to have. As for specific questions, what questions would you like to ask so that you can learn from your interviewees?

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You asked for help establishing a set of questions for a Christian leader/mentor interview.

I've expanded on the general list you provided below.

I hope this helps!
Dr. B.

a. How did your relationship start with your mentee?
b. How did you decide where and when to meet together?
c. Why is your mentee interested in having a mentor?
d. What preparations do you make in advance of meeting with your ...