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Degree of Leadership in Effective Group Communication

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Some assume that too much or too little hinders communication. There needs to be moderation or at least some control of the situation. Welcoming input is commendable but the leader needs to maintain some authority and if someone goes on and on meet with them in a different setting besides the team meeting. What variables supports this thought process?

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The degree of leadership in effective group communication is discussed.

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As a leader, I believe the time you spend communicating with people should be compartmentalized so that the leader does not waste time with a verbose communicator but makes the most of the time he or she spends with the communicator. Communication should be controlled and if the leader meets with the person privately he or she has a better opportunity to demonstrate that he or she is actively listening to the communicators feedback and giving the communicator his or her undivided attention.

Consequently, a private setting may also encourage someone into tangential communication. I feel as though a leader may control communication in a team environment because the leader can ensure that everyone in the group ...

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