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    Explain why different people perceive pain, both biological and psychological, differently. Why is pain difficult to measure and treat? People talk about a person's pain threshold. Based on your understanding of how pain is processed, explain the validity of a person's pain threshold.

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    Research suggests that there are several reasons why persons experience pain differently. Among them are gender, ethnicity, and social and cultural variables. For example, people who experience high levels of pain, there is more activity in the region of the brain associated with pain stimuli. From a biological perspective, researchers explain that the primary sensatory cortex contributes to the perception of where a pain stimulus is located in the body, and its intensity. The anterior cingulate cortex is responsible for the unpleasant feeling associated with pain. Thus, the difference between cortical and thalamic activity is believed to explain why individuals experience pain differently (Science daily).

    In addition, pain is due to a number of cognitive factors including: (a) past experience with pains, (b) emotional state at the time of pain, and (c) expectations about pain (Science daily). Other studies have been conducted, and found race and sex differences ...

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