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Prokaryotic Genetic Recombination and Types of Operons

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Discuss the two different types of operons found in bacterial genomes (inducible operons and repressible operons) and describe how they work.

Then, describe the following three different forms of prokaryotic genetic recombination: conjugation, transformation, and transduction.

Hypothesize how recombination might adversely affect the functioning of an operon such as the lac operon or the trp operon. What might be the metabolic implications for an E. coli cell that experiences a disruption of one of these operons?

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This solution explains function and significance of operons (inducible operons and repressible operons). It also gives account of three types of prokaryotic genetic recombination including conjugation, transformation, and transduction. This solution is 377 words with three references.

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As we know bacterial genes are organized into operons, or clusters of co-regulated genes. In addition to being physically close in the genome, these genes are regulated such that they are all turned on or off together. This bacteria to rapidly adapt to a continuously changing environment.

Inducible Operons: Their structural genes are normally inactive and need activation to start transcription. A repressor protein normally blocks the operator and promotor sites. lac operon is an example of inducible operons where presence of lactose in the environment inactivates the repressor protein and allows the RNA polymerase to attach to the operon and start transcription of the proteins ...

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