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    Rhodopsin and signal transduction

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    Clearly describe rhodopsin and signal transduction. Cite references.

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    There are a lot of great sources online that give brief explanations of rhodopsin and signal transduction.

    A good summary from Wikipedia regarding what rhodopsin is:


    "Rhodopsin, also known as visual purple, is a biological pigment of the retina that is responsible for both the formation of the photoreceptor cells and the first events in the perception of light. Rhodopsins belong to the G-protein coupled receptor family and are extremely sensitive to light, enabling vision in low-light conditions."

    Wikipedia cited the following for this:
    Litmann BJ, Mitchell DC (1996). "Rhodopsin structure and function". In Lee AG. Rhodopsin and G-Protein Linked Receptors, Part A (Vol 2, 1996) (2 Vol Set). Greenwich, Conn: JAI Press. pp. 1-32. ISBN 1-55938-659-2.

    A good explanation of signal transduction and rhodopsin by ...

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