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Examining Concepts in Abnormal Psychology

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Identify one professional in the field of abnormal psychology that works with children or adolescents and examine how these professionals utilize the concepts of abnormal psychology and give examples of each concept. Can you please give a reference and citation?

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This solution explores the use of Abnormal Psychology concepts in working with children and adolescents.

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Children and adolescents experience various psychological problems and behavioral symptoms associated with puberty. For instance, adolescents have concerns such as their physical appearance, identity, peer relations and sex. Younger children may experience stress within family and social relationships. Research shows that the relationship between childhood and adolescent development is based on several factors including age, maturity, personality changes and other socio-emotional processes (Smith, 2002).

One psychology professional that works with children or adolescents is the behavioral therapist who focuses on children with behavior disorders and/or disruptive behaviors. For example, one concept utilized in abnormal psychology is focused on behavioral deficits. The disruptive behavior disorder and co-existing deficits may lead to conflicts in relations. For example, according to Nowak, Gaeweda, Jelonek, & Janas-Kozk (2013), children and adolescents suffering from disruptive behaviors may have deficits in different areas including relations and environmental functioning. Nowak et al cite frequent dysfunctions in the areas such as parental discipline and attachment behavior. As defined, "Disruptive behavioral disorders are impaired patterns of behavior that are anti-social and negatively influence the Child's development" (p. 62). Thus, a behavior therapist may utilize a behavior modification program such as Cognitive Behavioral (CB) therapy. Research ...

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