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    Licensed mental health providers in abnormal psychology

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    Identifying two licensed professionals in the field of abnormal psychology such as psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and pastoral counselors and examine how these professionals utilize the concepts of abnormal psychology.

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    One of the first things I learned in the field of psychology is the differences between all the licensed mental health providers that exist. I think the most basic concept to understand is the medical model of psychology versus the developmental model. Psychiatrists are medical doctors. They go to school to get an M.D., then they specialize in psychiatry. They believe abnormal issues (schizophrenia, bipolar, etc) are because of medical/physiological issues. They typically believe that the reasons are because of brain dysfunctions such as chemical imbalances, brain injuries, mal-formation of the brain, hormone issues, etc. That is why they prescribe psychotropic medications/antidepressants to try and correct those disorders from a medical standpoint. These doctors also utilize psychotherapy, depending on what type of therapy may be their specialty.

    Psychologists are also doctors, but not medical doctors. Psychologists receive a doctoral degree in ...

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    This solution differentiates among licensed mental health providers, specifically using the medical model and developmental model of psychology.