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Milestones in the Development of Abnormal Psychology

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This solution briefly determines 5 vital milestones in the overall development in Abnormal Psychology. Both personal notes and references are integrated.

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As you briefly validate 5 important milestones in the development of Abnormal Psychology, historically, I deem (1) Marie Jahoda's 1958 positive mental health approach as actually a key milestone. She was a pioneer to me as she attempted to define what is normal in a mental
health context to then identify which behaviors deviate from the ideal to be regarded as abnormalities.

One article summarizes her efforts:

Rutherford, A., Unger, R., & Cherry, F. (2011). Reclaiming SPSSI's Sociological Past: Marie Jahoda and the Immersion Tradition in Social Psychology. Journal Of Social Issues, 67(1), 42-58.

Jahoda's six components of ideal mental health
• positive attitude toward own self
• growth, development, and self-actualization
• integration
• autonomy
• accurate perception of reality
• environmental mastery.

From a technical view, I'd also cite how (2) the 1952 creation of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) was also a ...

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The solution uses 400 words of ideas and references briefly demonstrate five important milestones in the overall development of Abnormal Psychology.