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Abnormal Psychology and Postpartum Psychosis

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Environmental psychology is likely to be a new field for you, although many of the concepts are probably familiar. Provide a definition of the discipline. Discuss an important milestone or influence in the development of environmental psychology and provide reasoning as to why you chose this one.

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(1) What is experimental psychology?

Experimental psychology is the discipline of psychology that utilizes scientific methods in research study. The procedure consists of observing the effects of treatment on behaviors utilizing statistical methods. The statistical methodology involves conducting an experiment based on a hypothesis (educated guess); identifying a treatment; choosing or randomly selecting subjects; and assigning them to experimental groups e.g., treatment, or no treatment groups).

(2) Discuss an important milestone or influence in the development of Experimental Psychology

One milestone in Experimental psychology has been renewed interest and experimentation to understand postpartum depression. As listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ...

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This solution examines a milestone in abnormal psychology in the context of Postpartum Psychosis.