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Abnormal Psychology and Labeling Behavior

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•What are the implications of labeling human behaviors (and by extension, human beings) as normal or abnormal?

•What are some of the consequences of labeling in the workplace? ◦Provide an example of how specific abnormal behaviors were viewed in the past in the workplace (e.g., postpartum depression).

◦Has this perspective changed from the past? If so, how?

•How can unusual behaviors be classified and identified without negative consequences to people?

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One of the implications of labeling human behaviors and or, human beings as normal or abnormal is the fact that this form of labeling may have a detrimental psychological effect on the individuals that are labeled. This is due to the fact that words have much more power than we often realize, and that repetitively telling some individuals that they are normal, and other individuals that they are abnormal, may eventually affect the self-esteem of those individuals that are labeled as abnormal. In addition, those individuals that are labeled as normal may develop a superiority complex, and feel that they are somehow superior to those individuals that are labeled as abnormal. A psychosomatic cycle can ensue, in which the individuals that are labeled as abnormal start to believe that they are abnormal in every way, and inferior to others. This may exacerbate the abnormal behaviors that they were ...

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