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Stress management: theoretical perspectives

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I'm quite frustrated with the assignment, as not much is explained in our text and I need some assistance or any sort of help at all.

"Explore the various theories regarding Stress and Stress Management from your textbook and the resources. Using the worksheet table, compare each theory of Stress/Stress Management. The table includes a column which summarizes the theories, another column which mentions the similarities, a column noting the differences and finally a column giving an example (you may add lines if necessary). Then write a short 3-5 paragraph synopsis of your matrix. Which theory do you think explains stress the best? Submit your matrix and your synopsis."

Specifically what I need for help is Walter Cannon's fight or flight response - I understand the theory, but when it comes to discussion, I am stuck. Please help me discuss similarities to other theories and differences from other theories. Starting to outline these items is where I find I have the most difficulty. I am also having difficulty with summarizing and transferring information.

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This solution examines stress management from various theoretical perspectives.

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