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Growth Patterns and Brain Development

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As a child's overall size increases, different parts of the body grow at different rates. Discuss the two growth patterns that describe these changes. Describe the two types of brain development and give examples of appropriate stimulation for each.

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The two growth patterns that describe the growth of a child's body are weight and height. During the first two years of life, a child's body grows more rapidly than during any other time, and generally by the age of two, a child's length increases 75% greater than at birth. As for the weight of a child, by age two, their weight usually quadrupled. Research shows that these height and weight patterns generally happen in growth spurts (1). The cephalocaudal trend is a pattern of motor control as well as physical growth, in which the growth of the head and chest occur prior to growth of the trunk and legs. The proximodistal ...

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Discusses two growth patterns that describe the different parts of the body and how they grow at different rates. It also discusses two types of brain development and gives examples of stimulation for each.

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