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Child rearing and the relationship between DNA and SES

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Read The African-American Extended Family article in your text on page 66 before responding to this discussion.

As you have read and experienced, both biological and social influences affect our healthy development from birth. Much research has been conducted on the efficacy of extended family living. Children who live in these social structures often develop healthier psycho-social, social, and cognitive skills. Many cultures greatly value living within an extended family system as a supportive one necessary for the successful nurturance of children, adolescents, and even, young adults. Consider all of the information from our reading as you respond to the following questions.

•Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages for living in an extended family versus single-family home.

•How influential is a child's DNA or SES in predicting the future development of a newborn child?

•How can you use this knowledge to help your clients to make educated choices about prenatal and postnatal care for their children?

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1. Advantages and disadvantages for living in an extended family versus single-family home
Advantages: i. In an extended family home, it is more likely there will be more than one income earner in the home. This increases the possibility that the child will have his/her economic well-being cared for.
ii. There will be more than one adult at home and supervision of the child and social interaction is greater. It is likely that with other extended family members around there will be other children - older to help with homework if there is healthy family dynamics.
iii. Having extended family live in also increases and can improve on social skills and negotiation skills as the child will not likely to always get their "way" and sharing and caring skills will be needed to co-exist together.
iv. Inter-generational benefits- often grandparents experience greater psychological well-being having grandchildren around- gives them a feeling of belonging and needed despite the growing aging deficits.
v. this family ...

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how does DNA and SES impact the development of the newborn