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Therapeutic Time Series Designs

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GIive a description of and a therapeutic outcome that you might like to measure. Then, describe the time series design that you would use, why you would use that particular design, and how you would use it.

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*Give a description of a therapeutic outcome then describe the time series design that you would use and why you would use that design and how?

Researchers point to the effectiveness of behavioral approaches to treat childhood disorders such as hyperactivity, autism, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Behavioral therapy also contributes to principles of learning and conditioning to affect maladaptive behaviors (Sattler, 2002). Thus, in a therapeutic outcome to treat disruptive behaviors, an intervention will be introduced to change the maladaptive behavior. One intervention plan used for children who misbehave in the classroom, and recommended by Sattler is positive reinforcement. For example, he proposes the following behavior plan for a child who is continually disruptive in school.

(a) Change setting- Considering using small group instruction (play activities) ...

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This solution describes a therapeutic time-series design, and its outcome and use.

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