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Solomon ASch: Prejudice and Discrimination

Question: Assume that you are employed by a major social psychology or social policy research laboratory in the United States. Your lab is interested in studying prejudice and discrimination in the marketing industry. Each researcher at the lab has been tasked with brainstorming research ideas. Briefly outline your ideas for research including: (1) the social psychology perspective(s) that the study you propose will employ, (2) the topic and focus of the study, (3) a brief description of the methodology you propose to use, and (4) a justification for why the other researcher's should support your ideas.

Using the attached articles: If you could get me started on this that would be helpful.

Evaluate the original study's findings. In which condition are the findings valid? In which condition are the findings not valid? Explain why.

* Briefly describe the two studies and their relation to the selected study and social psychology.

* Describe how the follow-up or related studies diminish or support the findings of the selected study.

* Discuss the effect of the various methodologies and instrumentation, across the three studies, in terms of future studies.



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This solution discusses research ideas from the perspective of Soloman Asch's social psychology on prejudice and discrimination in the marketplace.