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The Locus of Control: Self-Efficacy

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How self-efficacy is related to the concept of locus of control? Design an assignment for an introductory psychology class that might increase student self-efficacy. Explain how the design of your assignment might change based on the two types of locus of control.

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To begin, let us be reminded that self efficacy is the concept of measuring one's ability to achieve a goal or an outcome. It is, in essence, a strong belief that one can do something that they put their mind to. This is important in an educational setting because students can quickly become frustrated if they feel that they cannot do something. If measures are not implemented to help increase their sense of self-efficacy they will have the tendency to either lessen their goals, or quit altogether. Students that have a strong ...

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Various parts of personality development are discussed.

These inquiries are examined:

What are the concepts of locus of control and self-efficacy? And how do these two factors influence people's expectations and actions?

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