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Choices and results of the best place to live

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Are the solutions below the question good choices, why? If not, explain how they may not bring about the expected results.

Do people consider New York or California the better place to live?

a. Consulting the Statistical Abstract of the United States or a similar publication, check the migration rates into and out of each state. See if you can find the numbers moving directly from New York to California and vice-versa.

b. The national polling companies— Gallup, Harris, Roper, and so forth—often ask people what they consider the best state to live in. Look up some recent results in the library or through your local newspaper.

c. Compare suicide rates in the two states.

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a. Option A may not be the best choice because just because a few number of people may be moving from New York to California and Vice Versa, this doesn't account for the number of people moving from other states to either New York or California, making one a superior living option for most people, but ...

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