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Differences Between Genders: Living at Home

A survey by the national institute of health asked a random sample of young adults (aged 19 to 25), "Where do you live now? That is, where do you stay most often?" We earlier compared the proportions of men and women who lived with their parents. Here now is the full two-way table (omitting a few who refused to answer and one who claimed to be homeless):
Female Male
Parents' home 923 986
Another persons home 144 132
Own place 1294 1129
Group quarters 127 119

What are the most important differences between young men and women? Are their choices of living places significantly different?

Solution Summary

This solution provides a null and alternative hypothesis on the differences between men and women and their living situations. A test statistic is determined and compared to the p-value, where then the final decision is made to accept or reject the null hypothesis.