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    Thinking Styles

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    What are some experiences you have had with structured analytic thinking? Relativistic thinking?

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    Please see response below, as well as attached as a Word file. I also attached an article with other relative thinking examples to consider.


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    1. What are some experiences you have had with structured analytic thinking? and relativistic thinking?

    A. Analytic thinking is the use a methodical step-by-step approach to break down complex problems or processes into their constituents parts, identify causes and effects patterns and analyze problems to arrive to an appropriate solution. For example, analytic thinking in structured arguments can provide a collaborative environment in which multiple analysts can simultaneously contribute to a debate. This is one experience of structure analytic thinking. Often debates do not come to a final solution, but ...

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    This solution discusses some personal experiences of structured analytic thinking and relativistic thinking. Supplemented with a related research article on relative thinking with other examples to consider.