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Neurodevelopment disorders from toxic chemicals


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Please use references
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What are some neurodevelopmental disorders resulting from toxic chemicals?
Do you think these disorders can be prevented?
If so, how? If not, why not?

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There are a number of neurodevelopmental disorders that can be a result from exposure to toxic chemicals, such as learning disabilities, delays in development, sensory deficits, cerebral palsy, and according to some experts, autism, attention deficit, and hyperactivity disorder. The evidence that has accumulated over time show industrial chemicals can cause neurodevelopmental damage and indicate that environmental pollutants were also toxic to early brain and nervous system development. As the human brain is developing, it is much more susceptible to injury that can be caused by toxic agents (1).

Some of these chemicals that are believed to cause developmental neurotoxicity are: Lead, methylmercury, ...

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The neurodevelopment disorders from toxic chemicals are examined.