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A hypnosis script with a brief introduction which can be used by a hypnotist or mental health professional to help induce relaxation

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Are you feeling tense? Any anxiety? Do you simply want to be able to relax? This positing will cover a word by word script that a hypnotist or trained therapist can use to help their clients feel very comfortable, relaxed, and both physically and mentally at rest.

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This posting is a script to help a trained therapist induce relaxation for those who need it. The script also serves as a good introduction for many purposes in hypnosis such as smoking cessation and weight management.

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The therapist should talk in a calm and soothing voice throughout the session. The client can also be asked if he or she would also like some low soft music to be played in the background.

"Hi, how are you? Would you like to pick somewhere to sit? Choose a seat or couch which you find to be most comfortable. (Pause). OK great, let's begin. I'd like you to focus on a spot on the wall, a painting, or anything which attracts your attention... Great. Let's start with a few deep breaths... Breathe in... Breathe out. Good, let's do that again. Please take a deep breath in... and now out...OK...Now we'll do one more for now, but this time I'd like you to hold that breath. Please breathe in and hold it, hold it, hold it, and now release... Excellent, you're ...

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