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Counting down technique in hypnosis to help induce a state

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This posting will deal with how to effectively induce a state of trance once the client feels calm and comfortable. The act of counting down from 10 to 1 while providing suggestions at the same time only helps the client delve deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation and comfort to help achieve more profound levels of hypnotic trance.

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The hypnotist or mental health practitioner would like to help the client go further into a hypnotic trance. However, there are various ways to achieve this state of trance. Counting down is a common method to help the client identify and visualize depth within hypnosis. This posting deals with a step by step process from 10 to 1 which will serve as an aid to help achieve deeper levels of hypnotic awareness.

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It's recommended to start off with some breathing exercises and suggestions for general relaxation. The Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) exercise would be a good method to utilize to help the client delve past the induction phase, which generally is the phase prior to more profound levels of trance. In the induction phase the client is learning to become more relaxed.

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