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Applied Research in Psychology

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- Describe scientific research methods presented in scholarly psychology literature.
- Apply research findings from scholarly literature to current issues in the field of psychology.
- Examine how human thoughts and behaviors can impact mental health and well-being.

Area of applied research in psychology include:

- Health

Topic of interest:

- How supervisor training impacts development of future leaders in the workplace.
- Present information from three sources of information
- Summarize psychology research findings that have been applied to solve a specific problem or make a specific improvement.
- Describe the methods used in the research.
- Describe how the application benefits human health or well-being.

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How supervisor training impacts development of future leaders in the workplace. Present information from three sources of information.

Consider the role of a supervisor is to effectively communicate terms, performance goals, and the breakdown of job duties to new hires of future leaders. However, in the workplace challenges can entail human nature, mental stability, and the basis of healthy thoughts (mind set) that prevents progress, such as, bullying or any form of intimation to empower one individual over the other. Supervisor training is imperative to the development of future leaders due to demonstrate "organizational behavior" at the company. If the supervisor suffers from mental disorder of depression or deficiency in processing productive thoughts - that can lead to negative influence, behaviors, and conduct reflective of the individual. According to Huague, Skogstad & Einarsen (2009), the situation framework stated the focused on management relaying information or influence can deter from a bullying platform that consistently exist within a corporate environment honing on negative ...

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This solution provides a review into applied research in psychology for creating a study in determining how supervisors lead and train.

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