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Roger's Theory

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Describe a significant period of transition in your life. How can different theoretical perspectives be applied to understanding your responses during and following this period (choose 2 different perspectives} Which model helps you best understand this period in your life?

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As you reflect upon your own life and can begin to see how different theoretical approaches might be used, you might allow some of my generalized ideas about Rogers' theory to help.

When looking at how Rogers' model helps you to best understand this period in your life, you might note how Rogers' theory offers deep insight about your breakdown and ongoing depression after your partner left you and your baby. Because you were slightly agrophobic and put on weight, you might note how the absence of Rogers' three "core conditions" characterized your relationship with your partner initially. Now that since you are now stronger, more empowered, and educated about the required conditions for producing a therapeutic personality change, you can also talk about your transformation in terms of Rogers' three premises.

Since Rogers' theory encompasses prizing, ...

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This posting explores how this theory is applicable to a real life story.