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Personality Traits, Temperament & the Environment

1. What is temperament? Please provide an example.

2. Does the environment impact personality traits? If so, how? If not, how do people change?

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What is temperament? Please provide an example.

A person's temperament is made up of in-born traits that determine the way the individual perceives and interprets the world, and is pretty much set from birth. Those traits in turn are what determine a person's personality, as well as the methods through which the person goes about interacting with the world and those other individuals who are within it. While an individual's actions may change, that individual's basic personality/temperament doesn't change. Many parents have a difficult time understanding their children when they all behave differently. Those parents often tend to set up the same procedures for all the children, not realizing that their individuality must ...

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Discussion about temperament, personality, and the environment.