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Teacher Perception of IQ and Student Academic Perfomance

1) Suggest changes to research procedures that could be implemented to alleviate these ethical concerns.

2) In your opinion, do the benefits of this study outweigh the costs? Why?

Please see the attached PDF file for the Study and the attached Word file for the work already done.


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"In my opinion, the two ethical issues are that 1) the children are able to uncover which group if IQ scores they were placed in. This could harm them psychologically. These days, experiments like this are double blinded to account for this fact. There were just too many loose ends in this study, and 2) Retesting the children was similarly a bad move. Nowadays, a new population or sample would be chosen to retest again (since they were re-tested without their teachers administering the experiment)."

My comments:

- Your first point isn't quite clear. The children did not receive any indication of their 'blooming' scores and it appears were not aware they were administered a type of IQ test. However, the teacher is given the false impression that certain students show more potential than others thereby affecting the quality of education of the pupils. The experimenters appeared ...

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Detailed ethical examination of a study examining teacher perception of IQ on subsequent academic achievement.