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Axon growth and guidance in the brain

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Discuss the various mechanisms used by the nervous system to guide axonal growth and the formation of synapses. Wherever possible refer to the experimental evidence and identify the key discoveries in this field.

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I went through the mechanisms of axon guidance and a bit about synapse formation. I kept it relatively general because it can get really molecular and specific but the process is explained. I also included some of the names of researchers who first worked on this kind of stuff.

Axon Growth and Synapse Formation

Once a neuroblast, or new cell, has been formed it will differentiate into its adult form which has a particular function. In order to complete this function it will project axons to connect and share info with other cells. However, these axons must find the correct destination.
In the beginning stage, these projections are ...

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This solution includes a discussion of the mechanisms by which axons grow and are directed in the developing brain. Also included is the process by which synapses are formed. Specific mechanisms and structures are provided.

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