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Model and Procedures for Mediation

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What model and procedures are involved in the mediation process?

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This solution describes the model and procedures involved in the mediation process outlined by the American Law Association. Includes 6 sources.

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What model and procedures are involved in the mediation process?

Steps for Mediation:

Trained mediators follow a simple procedure, such as the model outlined below from the American Bar Association (Wolowiec 1984, 16):

Part I. Introduction

1. Have participants introduce themselves.
2. Explain the mediator's role.
3. Explain the ground rules. An example of a good ground rule is: Respect each other.
4. Explain steps of mediation.
5. Ask for any questions before you begin.

Part II. Telling the Story

1. Both parties tell their side of the story to the mediator.
2. Summarize both parties' side of the story.
3. Make sure you understand the conflict.
4. Make sure the parties ...

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