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Political, legal and economic issues in the future.

Implications for the future and the relationship between psychology and preservation of the environment. Economic, political, and legal barriers that exists for overcrowding and how these barriers can be overcome.

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According to Motavalli, Abhat, Dineen, Jones, Sanborn and Slomkowski (2005) the world population grew from 1.65 billion to 6 billion in the 20th century. The World Population Data Sheet predicts that the world population will increase 46% by 2050, bringing the population up to 9 billion. This increase will place more pressure on cities resources and infrastructure which in turn will lead to terrible urban poverty, social disintegration and widespread disease. Overcrowding will also place challenges on healthcare and the environment. There are already millions of children living in large overcrowded cities that are exposed to polluted air and water. Approximately 80% of deaths of children 5 and younger are due to lung infections from breathing poor air. Water pollution is on the rise as city's become more crowded and companies are illegally dumping toxins into nearby rivers and canals, causing water pollution.
Even though all these are devastating to the economic environment individuals is still using ...

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