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Police and Racial Bias in the Decision to Shoot

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Offer a description of the psychological research study for "Police Settings."

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As you offer a brief description of psychological research study for police settings, Here is the one that intrigued me:

Correll, J., Wittenbrink, B., Park, B., Judd, C. M., Sadler, M. S., & Keesee, T. (2007). Across the Thin Blue Line: Police Officers and Racial Bias in the Decision to Shoot. Journal Of Personality & Social Psychology, 92(6), 1006-1023.

I was inspired by recent media frenzy over allegations of policy brutality based on racist or stereotypical notions by officers.

As you assess the article, the study is social psychological in nature. It assess if a suspect's race has any influence over the use of force, explicitly in terms of the decision to shoot. The study attempted to ascertain if the suspect's ethnicity had any bearing upon the prevalence of police shootings. Many former studies proclaimed that "investigators have consistently found evidence that police use greater ...

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This solution offers an article and a brief summation to examine police officers' racial biases in the decisions to shoot. A concise overview is presented. 500 words of notes are integrated.