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Sensory deficits, OCD, and Bipolar Disorder

Discuss the deficits experienced by the individual to one or more of the five senses and how these deficits have affected the individual's behavior.


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This child is definitely experiencing some sensory integration issues both in the sense that he is overly sensitive to touch at times but then also seems to have some sensory deprivation at others. Touch is definitely the sense that is affected here. Smell may be as well. He is hypervigilant about dirtiness. The text is not clear whether he is picking up on this through his sense of smell, which if is heightened may be very possible. Otherwise it seems like this is an issue with his sense of touch. It sounds like he constantly feels dirt on himself and on objects such as clothes, body and sheets. This creates a severe aversion to being touched as he feels this makes him dirty again. As a child, this is tough because he is not able to receive physical affection as his OCD and sensory issues prohibit this. This can significantly interfere with bonding and social ...

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This post examines a case in which a child has bipolar disorder, OCD, and how sensory issues impact his illnesses.