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    Language and development

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    As we have discovered, language develops in a similar progression across cultures, including that of the deaf community. Discuss how language development applies to learning.

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    Impact of Development in Infancy

    Why professionals need to know the history of MartinĂ¢??s language development:

    Information that is available in the area of language and speech helps professionals understand why children with early histories of deprivation may not keep pace with peers of the same age. Early language and speech leads to the development of our literacy skills which are the ability to write and read. Children with communication disorders have difficulty understanding and expressing language, have reading problems and often perform poorly in school. These children are more likely to struggle with literacy skills (James, 2010).

    How learning two languages affects Martin's current learning:

    Speech therapists in the United States often suggest that parents should stop using Spanish at home in favor of English because acquisition of the main language of the environment will stand a better chance without competition from the other language. Hearing of two or more languages lead to grave problems in acquiring language and will confuse the child. Children who ...

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