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Types of Groups in the Macro Social Environment

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Treatment groups help individual solve personal problems, change unwanted behaviors, cope with stress, and improve group members' quality of life. Efforts focus on clients solving their personal problems, ehancing personal qualities, or providing each other with support. There are at least five primary type of treatment groups: therapy groups, support groups, education groups, growth groups, and socialization groups

1) Discuss the Support Groups
2) Give one example of a Support Group and how the Support Group functions, its purpose, goals, and relevance to the individuals that participate in the Support Group.
3) What kinds of variables might act as barriers to the successful outcomes of the support group?

What factors might work to empower the Support Group to achieve its goals?

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1) Support groups are very important due to the fact that these groups help individuals that are going through different kinds of problems to understand that they're not alone, which provides these individuals with a much-needed psychological boost in dealing with their situations. Support groups are also a means by which an individual can receive long-term support instead of the short term support offered by many of the forms of emotional ...

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Generalist social work practice processes and skills can be applied to different levels Thmicro, mezzo, and macro. Using the domestic violence case attached, how would you intervene on a macro level (that is, community or organization)? Using research and professional experience, highlight, specifically, what you might do to intervene at the dialogue, discovery, and development phase, using an ecological perspective and an empowerment framework.

These are two scenarios. I have attached the document that dealth with Micro and this discussion require mezzo and macro. Would love another perspective for guidance.

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