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Forensic Psychologist Investigation for Michael Jackson's Death

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How would a forensic psychologist apply investigative methods to a case such as Michael Jackson's death. How can the clinical information obtained in Michael Jackson's death be applied to forensic psychology? Do you believe methods such as a psychological autopsy could have been applied in this case?

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The solution discusses the forensic psychologist investigation for Michael Jackson's death.

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Michael Jackson: Psychological Autopsy

Michael Jackson's death made news headlines around the world not only because of his global celebrity but because of the nature of his death compounded by the nature of the controversies that plagued his adult life. Jackson was in the middle of preparing for an upcoming tour - what many hoped would be his comeback as the 'King of Pop'. In the middle of it, he was found dead by his staff. His nurse, Cherilyn Lee who primarily counselled him for his nutritional needs helped him in other areas as well - his sleeping issues for example. On April 12, 2009 against her advise she took the medicine propofol inspite of her dire advise that 'he might not wake up'. He protested and told her that an unspecified doctor has told him it was safe, especially since he was fairly healthy and had passed health tests for a medical exam conducted for his concert insurer, AEG. This doctor, who was later found out to be (Duke, 2009) "Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after giving Jackson a deadly dose of propofol in June 2009," is alleged by the Jackson family as having been the responsibility of AEG since they hired him to be Michael Jackson's doctor - hence the 'Wrongful Death Case' ...

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