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    Discussion on human sexual behavior and emotional processes

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    Please select a position, for or against, regarding the following statement: Sexual behavior in humans can be detached from emotional processes. In your response, juxtapose the parts played by biological regulatory mechanisms and cortical functioning. Support your position. Include specific examples from neuroanatomy and current research.

    Post references.

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    To begin with, I believed that sexual behavior in humans could take place without emotional processing, as it happens in case of certain people such as prostitutes and porn models. These individuals cannot have emotions regarding each and every individual with whom they exhibit sexual behavior. But, some of the recent researches have proved that this stand of mine cannot be true to a great extent. Thus, my view point has changed based upon scientific facts. Currently, I strongly believe that "Sexual behavior in humans cannot take place without emotional processing".

    I am able to support this stand of mine based on some of the scientific facts discussed below:

    Spinal reflexes have a vital role in controlling erections and ejaculations. It has been proved that men who suffer from some sort of spinal damage can reach an erection and become fathers; though they do not experience an orgasm, or be conscious of the fact that they were erect without visual or verbal confirmation (Carson, 2004, 331). Extensive research has led to the conclusion that only in such rare cases, or in the case of an unconscious rape victim, an individual can exhibit sexual behavior without an emotional response. Even with this opinion, it cannot be stated that human sexual behavior could take place without emotional processing. It is because, at least one partner would have to exhibit an emotional response during the physical process.

    It is known to us that various hormones and brain areas interact to control our sexual behavior. Testosterone, estradiol, androgen, and progesterone are hormones involved in sexual functioning. The hormone, Oxytocin is released in both males and females during an orgasm, to facilitate contractions of muscles of the ...

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    This discussion is against the following statement: "Sexual behavior in humans can be detached from emotional processes." The discussion is based on current researches and specific examples from neuroanatomy. It juxtaposes the role played by biological regulatory mechanisms and cortical functioning. The discussion concludes with the statement that "sexual behavior in humans cannot be detached from emotional processes."