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    ode of Ethics of Psychologists

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    A description of Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists: The 10-step ethical decision-making process.
    Describe an ethical dilemma you encountered or observed. Explain how using this model might have changed the outcomes.

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    (1) A description of Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists:

    A statement in its preamble and introduction, the Canadian Code of Ethics (CCE, 2000) "recognizes a responsibility to help assure ethical behaviors and attitudes on the part of psychologists" (p. 1). On these basis, the CCE sets forth ethical principles and standards designed to guide all members of the Canadian Psychological Association. Under Principle II the following ethical standards are set forth for psychologists' work and/or activities.

    • Demonstrate knowledge, insights and experience in areas of expertise of others
    • Psychologists do not engage publicly in public statements, research reports, in degrading comments about others—including those based on characteristics as culture, nationality, ethnicity, colour, race, religion, sex, gender or sexual orientation.
    • Use language that conveys respect for the dignity of persons in all written and oral communication.
    • Abstain from all forms of harassment
    • Avoid participating in practices respectful of the legal civil or moral right of other
    • Refuse to advise train or supply information to anyone who in the psychologists' judgment will use the knowledge or skills to infringe on human rights.
    • Make reasonable efforts to ensure that psychological knowledge is not misused, intentionally or unintentionally to infringe on human rights.
    • Respect the right of research participants, clients, psychologists, supervisors, students, trainees, and others to safeguard their own dignity.
    • Psychologists do not practice, condone, facilitate, or collaborate with any form of .unjust ...

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