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Ideas on writing research paper: congenital diseases

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The research is 15-20 pages based on human development from the "Development Across the Life Span". Need ideas.

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From what I understand you want to write on the topic of Congenital diseases and their impact on the life time development of individuals.
This is a good topic.
But you need to narrow it down. For instance, you can discuss the impact of Downs Syndrome on children who are born with this disease present at birth.
From the developmental point o view, you should introduce what the disease is about, what are its symptoms, what are the every day care giving challenges allied with this congenital abnormality, what are the ways in which Downs Syndrome affects the physical and psychological abilities of the people who have this disease, how long do people with down syndrome survive, and what are the current ...

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Congenital diseases and their impact on the life time development of individuals

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I need help with these questions for ideas and insights? Thank you.

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