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Discussing the Psychology of an Organization

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1. Do you believe that human psychology plays an important part in determining the business practices of an organization?

2. Try to draw a parallel between your family and an organization, as you understand it. In a paragraph or two, write about the different roles that people perform while running an organization called a family.

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1. Yes, I do believe that human psychology does play an important part in determining the business practices of an organization. For example, a person who wants to manage it is going to want to meet needs effectively through excellent customer service; however, this is also dependent upon if it is for profit or a non-for-profit organization. If it is a nonprofit, then they are likely to utilize servant, transformational or authentic leadership during this entire process. This is not always the case when it comes to a for profit organization because their focus is on the money more than anything. A lot of it ...

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This solution discussed human psychology in an organization and that of a family-oriented work environment.

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